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When Is Liposuction Not Recommended?

Posted on September 10, 2021
Liposuction in Jupiter, FL

Over the years, the surgeons at Aqua Plastic Surgery have helped countless patients achieve attractive body contours with liposuction. While the surgery is suitable for most patients who are interested in reducing unwanted fat deposits on the body, there are circumstances that may make you a less preferable candidate. Instances when our surgeons would not recommend liposuction include:

If You Have Certain Medical Conditions

Risks associated with liposuction are low overall, but can be heightened for patients with certain underlying health concerns. The doctors at Aqua Plastic Surgery will want to know if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma to make a complete assessment of whether you are appropriate for this elective surgery.

If You Intend to Use It as a Substitute for Diet and Exercise

It is a common misconception among patients that liposuction is an “alternative” to dieting and exercising. In reality, liposuction is not an appropriate weight loss strategy. The procedure works best on patients who have already put in the work to lose weight and simply wish to eliminate lingering fat deposits. First do your best to achieve your goal weight, and then use liposuction to enhance your contours.

If You Do Not Intend to Maintain Your Current Weight

To the previous point, liposuction is also inadvisable for patients who are not committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Although the results from liposuction are considered permanent, that only holds true for patients who do not let their weight fluctuate moving forward. If you are not prepared to commit to a healthy lifestyle, you could very well see the results vanish over time.

If You Smoke

While smoking cigarettes or vapes is bad for your health at any time, it can be particularly damaging to people recovering from surgery. The impact it has on the circulatory system makes it harder for your blood to clot and increases the risk of infection. Current smokers who want liposuction, or any other cosmetic elective surgery, should quit smoking as soon as possible, and well in advance of scheduling a surgery.

If Your Expectations Are Unrealistic

On the whole, the patients we treat at Aqua Plastic Surgery are thrilled with the improvements liposuction makes for their body contours. However, we do occasionally encounter a patient who develops expectations so lofty that they are bound to be disappointed. It is important that you set sensible expectations about what liposuction can achieve.

Are You Interested in Liposuction?

The surgeons at Aqua Plastic Surgery would be happy to meet with you to determine your candidacy for liposuction. To schedule a consultation with our expert team, please contact our Miami or Jupiter, Florida office today.


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