Breast Reduction in Jupiter

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Breast Reduction in Jupiter, FL

What Does Breast Reduction Surgery Treat?

If you have large breasts that are disproportionate to your frame, you are probably very familiar with the physical and emotional distress they cause, including neck, back and breathing problems, limited clothing choices and feeling self-conscious of your appearance. South Florida plastic surgeons specialists David Rankin and Dev Vibhakar can alleviate the majority, if not all, of your symptoms through breast reduction surgery.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Reduction?

The best way to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for breast reduction is to meet with Dr. Rankin in Ft. Lauderdale or Dr. Dev for a personal consultation. He will perform a physical examination and review your medical history with you. Some of the best breast reduction Ft. Lauderdale candidates are individuals who:

  • Are in good overall health
  • Do not smoke (or can quit prior to breast reduction surgery)
  • Are bothered by feeling that their breasts are too large or causing back and neck pain
  • Are possible limited to certain physical activities
  • Have realistic expectations for their breast reduction surgery

Dr. Rankin or Dr. Dev will inquire about your personal goals and discuss the procedure with you in greater detail. Some patients who undergo breast reduction surgery also opt for breast lift surgery for a complete rejuvenation of the breasts. It may be helpful to review some before and after photos of Dr. Rankin and Dr. Dev’s patients to get a better idea of the type of results you can expect.

What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. Rankin performs breast reduction surgery at his private surgical suite or at one of the seven local hospitals where he is on staff. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, so you can return home after surgery.

The doctor will make an incision around the nipple, continuing vertically down to the curve underneath the breast, and horizontally along the breast crease. Through this incision, the doctor removes excess breast tissue and skin. He sculpts the breast mound into a size and shape that is more proportional to your body. Dr. Rankin and Dr. Dev work very carefully to produce results that are symmetrical and natural-looking. After the doctor is finished, he closes the incisions and places a surgical bandage around the breasts.

Recovering from Breast Reduction Surgery

Some pain and swelling is normal in the first few days following breast reduction. Dr. Rankin or Dr. Dev will provide a prescription for pain medication to alleviate discomfort. It’s wise to fill your prescription prior to the day of your surgery, so the medication is available to you as soon as you return home from your procedure.

Dr. Rankin or Dr. Dev will check on you the evening of your surgery. He will also schedule follow-up visits at different intervals after surgery to check your healing progress and clear you to return to work and your normal activities.

Many patients feel able to engage in light activity (like walking) several days after surgery, but you should refrain from lifting or pushing anything for several weeks.

If you have any questions during your recovery, Dr. Rankin and Dr. Dev and our cosmetic Florida team are always available to answer them. Your successful recovery is our top priority.

What Does Breast Reduction Cost?

Dr. Rankin or Dr. Dev will review the cost of breast reduction more thoroughly during your personal consultation. He will need to evaluate the degree of correction necessary in your case to provide a quote.

If you are struggling with the physical or psychological effects of larger breasts, please contact Dr. Rankin or Dr. Dev to discuss breast reduction surgery in more detail.

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