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Greet the New Year With Wide, Youthful Eyes After Blepharoplasty

Posted on January 5, 2023
Blepharoplasty Jupiter

In the new year, you may prefer an old look — that is, the appearance of your eyes before aging resulted in drooping and sagging. After all, the eyes mirror the soul, and you want them to reflect how young you feel inside. Eyelid surgery can make you look younger and revitalized. At Aqua Plastic Surgery, our trusted plastic surgeons Drs. David Rankin and Dev Vibhakar discuss how eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can turn back the clock and restore youth to tired eyes.

How Aging Affects Eyes

Besides the vision changes associated with aging, the eyes’ appearance is also affected. As we get older, sagging skin contributes to an aged look. The drooping of the eyelids does more than make someone look old. The eyes may often appear angry or tired, even if they are not. Muscles supporting the eyelids weaken, causing excess fat and skin collection. Bags form under the eyes, eyebrows sag and upper lids hang downward.

Arguably no other cosmetic surgery does more to reduce an aged appearance than blepharoplasty.  This procedure gives you a wide-eyed look that refreshes your entire face. Expect to take at least a decade off the appearance of your face with blepharoplasty. Even though your face continues aging, the results of blepharoplasty are permanent.


Blepharoplasty consists of both upper and lower eyelid surgery. Upper eyelids may develop saggy, wrinkled skin, while fat buildup in the lower eyelids causes puffiness and bagging. Patients may opt for both upper and lower eyelid surgeries or just one type.

In upper eyelid surgery, the surgeon generally makes an incision in the natural crease above the eye. A certain amount of skin and fat is then removed or the surrounding muscles are adjusted. For lower eyelid surgery, incisions are usually made beneath or inside the eyelid. Fat is removed or rearranged and excess skin is eliminated. Tightening of the lower eyelid muscle further enhances results.

Complementary Procedures

Many patients opt to have other procedures done at the same time as blepharoplasty. These include:

Blepharoplasty and Vision Issues

As with other cosmetic surgeries, insurance will not cover blepharoplasty when performed solely to improve appearance. In some cases, eyelid sagging becomes so severe that peripheral vision is impaired. When blepharoplasty is used to correct serious visual abnormalities, insurance may pay for part of it.

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