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How to Prepare for Successful Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Posted on August 15, 2015

shutterstock_19519732-150x150Eyelid surgery is a facial procedure that brightens and rejuvenates the area around the eyes. Many people decide to undergo the procedure to eliminate bags underneath the eyes and wrinkles on the upper eyelids for a more youthful appearance. Other people choose eyelid surgery for medical reasons; excess, droopy skin on the upper eyelids can be painful and interfere with vision. In any case, eyelid surgery performed by a qualified surgeon and followed by proper care can deliver beautiful results. Here, Dr. David Rankin shares the following tips to ensure long-lasting results and a safe recovery.

Keep your head elevated. Immediately following surgery, you will be directed to keep your head above the level of the rest of your body to reduce swelling and promote faster healing. Once you’re home, try using two or three medium size pillows to prop up your head.

Apply a cold compress. Place a cold compress over your eyes to reduce swelling. This will help relieve any pain you may feel after the anesthesia begins to wear off.

Avoid eye strain. Following surgery, minimize your computer and television time, and do not exercise until Dr. Rankin says you can. For the first few weeks, avoid activities that may expose your eyes to sunlight, wind, sand, dust and debris. During the first few days of recovery, ask someone you trust to help you with daily activities.

Keep your eyes clean. Following your surgery, Dr. Rankin will give you specific instructions on how to clean your eyes. Follow these guidelines carefully to prevent bacteria from reaching your eyes, because it can cause infections. Avoid wearing eye makeup for the first two weeks or so following surgery.

Use eye drops. Your eyes may get dry and itchy in the days following surgery. Avoid rubbing them or tugging at the skin around the eyes. Instead, use eye drops to keep the eyes moist and comfortable. Before your surgery, be sure to ask Dr. Rankin for recommendations on eye drops.

Follow prescription medication instructions. Take all prescription medicine as directed. Do not take any over-the-counter medicine or painkillers without consulting Dr. Rankin first. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin should be avoided during your recovery period because they increase the risk of bleeding.

Get plenty of sleep. A successful recovery for any plastic surgery procedure includes plenty of rest. For eyelid surgery in particular, this includes getting a lot of shut eye. Remember to keep your head elevated even as you sleep and keep your bed or rest area clear of items that may accidentally hurt or poke your eye while you sleep.

Don’t skip follow-up consultations. Most patients are able to return to work a week following surgery. However, Dr. Rankin may recommend more recovery time based on your healing progress. This is why it’s important to meet with Dr. Rankin as directed. Your follow-up appointments are the best times to let Dr. Rankin know of any pain or discomfort you may feel. This way, he can make suggestions or recommendations to improve your recovery.

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