Laser Skin Resurfacing in Jupiter & Miami

Life is full of unexpected surprises – and many of these take a toll on the skin. Whether you’re dealing with acne, scars, sun damage, or fine to deep lines, your skin will benefit from exfoliation and renewal. Why not take your skin care to a more active level? With laser resurfacing, you can revitalize your skin and see dermal improvements.

Skin Damage Treatment

While the sun is the most common cause of premature aging, it’s far from the only reason you may see flaws on your skin. Genetic predisposition, your regular skin care, and skin problems like acne leave their marks – and leave you feeling frustrated and helpless. If you’ve tried moisturizers, exfoliants, and other over-the-counter products and found them wanting, resurfacing may be the right treatment choice.

Laser resurfacing exposes your skin to a variant of light energy (the specific wavelength depends on the laser). This stimulates the area, kickstarting fresh cell growth and overall renewal. After treatment, you could see:

  • Reduction in fine lines
  • Clearer skin with even pigmentation
  • Smoother skin
  • Less noticeable scarring

Laser resurfacing may be ablative or non-ablative. The key differences between the two treatments lay in the effects they have on the outer layer of your skin. You will achieve varying results with the two treatments.

  • Ablative – These lasers create superficial wounds on the outer layer of the skin. By destroying miniscule areas of skin cells, ablative lasers trigger cell renewal, reducing wrinkles and excessive pigmentation. Once healing is complete, the skin looks more even and feels smoother and softer. Ablative laser treatment requires longer healing periods and more involved aftercare, but the results are more dramatic.
  • Non-ablative – These milder lasers penetrate layers of the skin without visible wounding to the surface. They tend to require more treatment sessions, as they expose skin to lower levels of energy. Non-ablative treatment is ideal for issues with brown and red spots, spider veins, rosacea, and acne.

Some ablative and non-ablative lasers can provide fractional treatment, which delivers a “checkerboard” of laser energy to the skin. This produces results akin to full facial treatment, without requiring the same amount of downtime and healing.

Aqua Plastic Surgery offers resurfacing with two distinct lasers, to accommodate a variety of skin types and target results.

Pearl – Skin Resurfacing

Cutera’s Pearl laser provides mildly ablative, superficial resurfacing. It is ideal for treating damage and discoloration resulting from sun exposure, including:

  • Superficial fine lines
  • Freckles and brown spots
  • Uneven skin tone and texture

This laser emits a wavelength of energy that targets water molecules. The molecules are vaporized, with the heat ejecting into the air (not the skin), so that surrounding skin is not significantly affected.

The Pearl removes an incredibly thin layer of the skin, leaving the rest intact to protect inner structures during the healing process. The accompanying downtime is minimal – just about four days, during which there will be redness and some flaking. This laser offers resurfacing without the extended healing period that accompanies more intense ablative lasers.

Pearl Fusion – Resurfacing and Renewal

This exciting technology combines the effects of the Pearl resurfacing laser, and the Pearl Fractional. Pearl Fusion is a YSGG laser, meaning that it generates an energy wavelength of 2790nm, which occupies a unique middle ground between other skin resurfacing lasers.

In addition to vaporizing a thin layer of the epidermis, Pearl Fusion heats inner tissues. We control the depth to which the energy affects the skin, producing results specific to your needs. This laser’s specialized technology balances ablation with tissue coagulation and collagen regeneration, for comprehensive results without significant downtime.

Pearl Fusion is right for patients seeking:

  • Overall skin regeneration
  • Mild skin tightening
  • Boost in skin volume with collagen growth
  • Reduction in fine lines and unwanted pigmentation

To learn which form of resurfacing is right for you, schedule a consultation so that we may examine your skin and discuss your desired results.


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