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The Benefits of Highly Cohesive “Gummy Bear” Breast Implants

Posted on November 23, 2017

Gummy Bear Breast ImplantsWomen interested in getting bigger and fuller breasts have many options to choose from today. One of the most popular choices for breast implants is highly-cohesive silicone gel implants, commonly known as gummy bear implants. In this blog post, Drs. David Rankin and Dev Vibhakar of Aqua Plastic Surgery discuss the advantages of these implants.

Natural Breast Shape

Gummy bear implants are anatomically shaped, meaning they mimic the natural contours of breasts (i.e., thicker at the bottom and tapered towards the top, like a teardrop). An alternative to standard round-shaped breast implants, gummy bear implants are a great choice for women who desire the most natural-looking breast augmentation results possible.

Thanks to their highly cohesive consistency, gummy bear implants are likely to retain their shape even in the case of a rare leak or rupture. On the other hand, saline gel implants become noticeably deflated when a leak or rupture occurs and must be replaced immediately.

No Wrinkles or Folds

Another advantage of gummy bear implants is that they are less likely to ripple or fold. The highly cohesive gel that fills the implant does not shift around, which means they are less likely to wrinkle, fold or ripple. Saline implants are filled with a saltwater solution, and older silicone implants are filled with a more “liquid” form of gel that makes them more likely to cause unsightly wrinkling and rippling.

Natural Feel

Gummy bear implants are specifically designed to closely match the natural feel of breast tissue. The highly cohesive silicone gel within the implant shell has a firm yet yielding texture. The consistency of the gel also means that your breast implants will move and feel like your breasts would naturally more so than traditional silicone or saline breast implants. These implants are a good choice for patients who have little body fat and breast tissue, and/or thin skin.

To learn more about gummy bear breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Rankin or Dr. Vibhakar. Both surgeons have years of experience performing breast augmentation with saline, traditional silicone gel and gummy bear implants. To discuss your breast augmentation results, please contact Aqua Plastic Surgery by calling our Jupiter office at (561) 776-2830 or our Ft. Lauderdale office at (954) 564-3832.

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